Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos turns 25!

Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos turns 25!

Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos, a classic Westwood RPG, turns 25 this year.

The 2 Headed Hero has spent many an hour in monster lairs, deadly dungeons, and vast castles. We like to think that we know our RPGs, and 1993’s Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos from Westwood Studios and Virgin Interactive was a catalyst during our formative years as young PC gamers. In light of the game’s upcoming 25th birthday, we decided it was best to show our appreciation with a playful and lighthearted look at this cherished game.

We touched on the larger details for Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos‘s gameplay, art, sound, and mechanics in the last couple articles and videos, but this week includes more of our own remembrances (accurate and otherwise), deeper and more specific discussions, and further musings on the Lands of Lore themselves as well as its many colorful inhabitants and enemies.

Since Let’s Plays can run long and be overly dry and boring at times, we decided on a more animated and edit-heavy approach in hopes that it will be palatable for those of you with less time on their hands. This particular Let’s Play covers what we found endearing and wonderful for most of the first half of the entire game and also serves as a good test of memory for this nostalgic title.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth analysis of this first entry into the classic (but not altogether forgotten) Lands of Lore series, please consider checking out Bawss Sawss’s retrospective on Hearts and Barrels for some further reading. You can also catch the animated video version of the retrospective on the 2 Headed Hero YouTube channel here.

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