2 Headed Hero’s BACKLOG QUEST: Channel Updates and News!

2 Headed Hero’s BACKLOG QUEST: Channel Updates and News!

Hey! 2 Headed Hero had a blast making the beginning of our animated series, BACKLOG QUEST! We are SUPER pumped to be working together with Hearts and Barrels to bring you some sweet reviews/impressions/retrospectives in our new format. For more info, check out the Channel Update HERE on YouTube! We’d be truly honored if you’d join us in our quest for the first 100 subs by clicking that Subscribe button, too, so we can get a bona fide big-boy channel URL instead of a mash of random letters and numbers.

Our first episode, premiering last Tuesday, is for Ivan Zanotti’s IMSCARED, a chunky-pixeled, 4th wall breaking, indie horror experience.

Please enjoy the IMSCARED review HERE on the 2 Headed Hero YouTube channel!

IMSCARED can be found on Steam here for $3.99, but it is also currently marked down 60% due to the Steam Summer sale until July 5, 2018.

2 Headed Hero are two dudes with a lifelong passion for games that can be contacted on Twitter and Instagram.

You can also reach out to co-writer/illustrator @Rollinkunz or co-writer/composer/editor @BawssSawss individually.

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